Key club hosts senior luncheon


Etai Fuchs, Staff Writer

On Thursday November 17, WJ had an altered schedule for WJ students due to the Senior Citizens Luncheon. For the past 41 years, the school has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for local senior citizens. The Key Club reached out to a collection of local nursing homes to find interested people. During the luncheon, Key Club members worked as hosts for the guests, helping to take orders, serve food and converse with the citizens.

The WJ Jazz band as well as Pop Fly, Advanced Choir and Madrigals performed songs including such classics as the 1964 Bossa Nova hit “The Girl from Ipanema”. WJ student Jordan Bryon sat at a table with elders who did not belong to a nursing home.

“We talked about everything from politics to how things have changed since they were young, but they were interested more in life as a teen nowadays,” Bryon said.

One of those at Bryon’s table was a current soccer referee, and knew a few WJ students. Some students also danced with the elders and some of the elders danced with each other. The Key Club event was a resounding success, and the members were happy to continue a long standing WJ tradition.