Choral groups enchant at winter concert


Sam Falb, Online News Editor

Grab a pamphlet, take your seat and prepare yourself. This is WJ Choir: a student performance experience like no other. On December 15, general and advanced choir, the show choir Pop Fly, acapella groups Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate and the Madrigals gathered in the auditorium to perform various songs and exhibit their talents for the WJ community.

Each group performed various songs across the musical spectrum, spanning genres and centuries alike. Popular bubbly tunes like September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Valerie by Amy Winehouse were sung alongside lilting, deep melodies such as Rihanna’s Stay and the Renaissance Era “Verbum caro factum est”.

“It’s just a very, very fun job that I have, that I’m very thankful for.” Choral Director Kelly Butler said at the concert.

The groups have intensely practiced their sets since the very beginning of the school year, utilizing techniques such as abdominal support, breathing techniques and vocal warm ups, all important for preparing the vocal cords for the extensive practice season, starting in the first week of school and only ending the day before the main event.

This year’s concert also featured the debut of WJ’s first co-ed acappella group, Red Velvet. Singing the 5th Dimension’s Stone Soul Picnic with charm and high-octane beats, the group garnered loud applause and cheers at the closure of their performance. The group was created by Sarai Flores, a current sophomore who realized the long standing vision of a co-ed acappella group at WJ after learning of failed past attempts and brainstorming with friends.

“[I want] to bring people of different races, gender/pronouns, sexuality etc. together and create a community where everyone feels safe. My goal is to bring these people together and and do what we all love best which is music.” Flores said.

WJ’s music groups across the board wowed audiences and represented the vibrance and talent that the choir program exhibits on a yearly basis. As the music department begins preparation for the winter and spring seasons, be sure to stay on the lookout for future events, they definitely shouldn’t be missed.