“It All Matters” club hosts supply drive


Sam Falb, Senior News Editor

In the last weeks of summer, hurricane activity ravaged Caribbean islands and the southern U.S. Powerful storms destroyed thousands of homes, downed power lines and rendered vital utilities across this populous region completely inoperable. Millions are now without vital household goods. Enter the “It All Matters” club.

It All Matters (IAM) is a new club at WJ that marks a new path in school activism, striving to do it all. Fundraising, supply drives and social justice projects are just a few of the established goals for the first year of this fledgling group.

“I’m passionate about a lot of issues, and I feel like through the huge platform at WJ we can actually make a difference,” founding club president Raya Seid said.

IAM’s leading strategy strays from traditional activist clubs as well, the group hoping to go out into the community, make relationships and experience the causes they’re representing, rather than solely donate or raise awareness for a given organization.

The club’s opening campaign is a supply drive targeted towards Hurricane Harvey victims. Donations of backpacks, feminine hygiene products and toiletries are all highly suggested, and will be transferred to a local aid organization for eventual shipping to hard-hit areas. Designated collection boxes have been set up in front of the main office, and the drive is set to run through this week.

“Everyday, it becomes more and more evident that we are extremely lucky to live where we live, and have access to the resources we do. So it only makes sense to share some of that privilege with those that are struggling, such as the victims of the tragedy that has been Hurricane Harvey,” club member Daniela Gonzalez said.

Further campaigns from the club are to follow and will focus on a range of topics including work at the Children’s Inn at NIH, education about the bee crisis and tiger captivity.