Walter Johnson becoming too big, Woodward High School set to reopen


Seth Cohen

To address this impending problem, a solution has been proposed to combat the problem of overpopulation. The plan set forth by MCPS is the expectation of reopening Woodward High School. Woodward was located where Tilden Middle School is today and would be expected to be reopened September of 2022. Should this become a reality, Woodward would be able to hold a capacity of 1,750 students.

Since Walter Johnson High School had an addition installed in 2010, the student population has increased faster than expected, leaving complications in space available in classrooms. With new families consistently flowing into the area, additional space will be needed in order to fit all the incoming students in the years to come.

WJ’s capacity is 2,335 students; however, WJ has 2,356 students in attendance this year. This large student body has left the school with negative space available. Walter Johnson could see a space deficit as high as -314 in the 2019-2020 school year. A potential addition to Walter Johnson is possible, but that wouldn’t take place for at least the next three years according to Montgomery County Public Schools.

Seniors like Shiv Kohli are no longer invested in WJ’s future development..  

“[I] don’t care, it’s my last year,” Kohli said.

However, some other WJ students, such as junior Miguel Gonzalez aren’t thrilled about Walter Johnson becoming bigger.

“There’s not enough class space,” Gonzalez said.

With each class getting bigger and bigger the available class space is trending downward.

Sophomore Sharif Munn has acknowledged the recent growth in size.

“It’s gonna be huge,” Munn said.

Juniors and lower classmen will definitely be impacted more by the increase of students at WJ than others as they still have a year or more left until graduation. The reopening of Woodward High School would put Walter Johnson back in the positive numbers for space available. With Woodward more than likely back in the picture, this would provide a great solution to release some pressure on the capacity of Walter Johnson.