Students Enjoy Time at Pep Rally


Jack Linde

WJ had their winter pep rally on December 1, in a double third period schedule. The pep rally consisted of all the normal things like the introduction of the varsity sports teams and its members, a game of tug-of-war, a pushup contest and an awesome Cattle Call. Many clubs at WJ also performed such as the Step Team, Drumline and Poms.

“I think [the pep rally] was good. Really interesting. I liked the drumline,” freshman Kazuma Motohashi said.

SGA Leadership organized the successful pep rally. They thought the enthusiasm was good all around, but one class clearly had the advantage over the others.

“Seniors definitely had the most enthusiasm,” senior and SGA Vice President Katie May said.

Even the best events could be improved. Whether that’s getting the freshman involved more, or having more games and performances, some things could definitely be changed.

“I think more freshman should be involved,” Motohashi said.

SGA Leadership also provided thoughts on what could be improved from the December 1 showing.

“We would have really liked to do trivia but we just ran out of time. I hope that we can work on time management a little bit better and have things run smoother, and have people speak louder and clearer,” May said.

The sports teams are the highlight of the pep rally and thus expected to put on a good show. Students often pick the best when each team tries to put forth the most enthusiasm they can.

“I liked the wrestling team they were funny,” Motohashi said.

Many enjoy pep rallies but why should schools do them? To introduce the teams, to get the fans hyped up for the season, to let those who wouldn’t normally shine stand out?

“I think it encourages a lot of school spirit. It creates a community feel to have everybody involved in it. I think it makes the grades more spirited because they’re wearing their class colors and they’re representing their entire grade and it kind of bonds us together,” May said.

All in all, the winter pep rally, kicked off the season, excited the students and provided a fun time.