INOVA Blood Drive returns to WJ

Erin Jacobs

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Yael Greenberg gears up for getting her blood drawn with the nurses ready to help. Leadership spent time making sure the event would run smoothly.

On Monday, November 5, WJ held its annual blood drive, with many volunteers  donating their blood to be given to patients in need. The Leadership class helps run the drive every year and INOVA brings nurses and equipment to the small gym for the school day. INOVA is a leading health care and research organization to serve communities in the DC metro area and beyond.  

After students got their blood drawn,they were required to sit for 30 minutes before reporting back to class.

There have been multiple cases of students getting sick after giving blood, but most are exciting to help with the cause and do what they can to contribute. Senior Taylor Kowansky is proud to help serve her community by doing something as easy as giving blood.

“I see how much giving blood helps people. It makes you feel like you can contribute to someone’s overall health care,” senior Taylor Kowansky said.

The blood drive becomes more popular each year, with students spots filling up quickly to donate. Sonia Tavik, a member of WJ’s Leadership and senior class VP, explains the process of making this event possible.

“We worked with INOVA to make this all happen. We helped them with setup and we are basically here for 7:45 to fifth period, working the drive and making sure things runs smoothly,” Tavik said.

There were snacks and drinks available to students after their blood was taken to keep students feeling well and ready to get back to class. Some nerves ran high while waiting, but most students were ready to participate.

“I [wasn’t] feeling too nervous. I know it’s going to help people so why not take some time out of my day?” Kowansky said.