Olin Kimball elected as new sophomore secretary


Photo by Josephine Meriot

Sophomore Olin Kimball has been elected to serve for the remainder of the year as Class of 2024 secretary. “I hope to make the rest of the year great for my classmates,” Kimball said.

Sophomore Olin Kimball was elected as the class of 2024 secretary to fill an open mid-year vacancy. The election results were announced Wednesday afternoon after students voted in homeroom. Kimball’s campaign began exactly a month before he was elected, giving him a minimal amount of time to impress his classmates.

“I mainly ran my campaign through my Instagram account where I would just advertise my ideas,” Kimball said.

Kimball was very excited when he heard of the opening, as he has been searching for ways to involve himself in meaningful ways at WJ.

“I’ve always thought it would be cool in high school to be a part of SGA. I saw the spot was open so I just knew that this was how I could get my start,” Kimball said.

As secretary, Kimball has many desires and wants to do as good of a job as possible to ensure his peers are satisfied.

“I hope to listen to all of my sophomore classmates and achieve anything that they would like me to with the new role that I have taken on. I just really want to make it a good year for everyone,” Kimball said.

There are many things that excite Kimball about the job, but the main thing is the team effort he will be a part of to lead the sophomores in the right direction.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the other officers and doing everything we can to make it the best year it can be,” Kimball said.