The Man Behind the Tiger: Big Pussycat or Man-Eating Carnivore?

Jeremy Smith

Point-Counterpoint: Tiger Woods

Jeremy Smith: Over the past three months it seems like the American public has forgotten who Tiger Woods really is. Yes, he was a role model to hundreds of thousands of children, every businesses dream sponsor, and an overall American icon, but he truly is just a plain old golfer. Sure, the media has a right to report that the most recognizable sports figure ever has been in a car accident, and one can make the argument that they have a right to report on his affair, but all the coverage is getting out of hand.

After constant TMZ stories, trashy magazine covers and false allegations, you can assume Tiger was forced to show himself to try and slow down the media frenzy. Although his speech might not have been exactly what golf fans or People Magazine reporters wanted to hear, it doesn’t mean his speech wasn’t sincere. He looked truly defeated, apologized to his sponsors and his fans, so what more could he have said to make us think he meant what he said?

As for golf, we don’t know when Tiger is going to return because Tiger doesn’t know when he is going to return. How can we honestly criticize an athlete who only spoke to please us?

Furthermore, after Woods says exactly what he feels for a full fourteen minutes and then doesn’t yield to questions, the public goes insane. Why should it be any of our business to know if he and his wife are together?

Now, I’m not saying that I’m not curious, but is it really our right to know?


Daniel Fanaroff: Background info: Early Thanksgiving morning last year, Woods was in an accident

Having since gone AWOL from the world of golf and media, Woods spoke publicly for the first time at the PGA Tour  headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. at TPC Sawgrass. He spoke in a room filled with friends, supporters and minimal press. While his speech was heartfelt and genuine (debatable), it was everything I expected it to be: pointless. Dude, Tiger.. step it up.

Reasons this speech was pointless:

1.  I see no reason for him to get up there and apologize to his fans for his actions. What did he do to us? To us he should be saying “you’re welcome” for giving us something to write about. The only person he should really be apologizing to is his wife. He didn’t cheat on us, he cheated on her.

2. There was no closure regarding the topics we actually care about . The only reason people watched was in hopes of him addressing his return. He did say there is a chance he could return this year, but still no closure.

3. “Yield to questions would you?  You’re the most notable athlete in the world since MJ and you go AWOL for two months. The least you could to is give a rough estimate as to when you are coming back,” says the really obnoxious sports fan inside of me. The realistic part of me says, “Honestly, he should have stayed in rehab that day.”

4. News is news. When the #1 golfer gets caught cheating and takes an indefinite leave of absence, the press has the right to publish about it. Come on, what did you expect?

5. If you’re gonna pull a Chris Crocker and say ,”Leave Elin Alone!!,” then you have to go all out and shed some tears.

Tiger, I want 14 minutes of my life back.