YouTube comedian demonstrates true ignorance in viral video


Brynn Blizzard, Online Assistant Opinion Editor

It has been two weeks since YouTube “comedian” Nicole Arbour released a video titled Dear Fat People. In the hate-filled video, Arbour body-shames overweight people, telling them to stop eating. 

There is no doubt that obesity is a real issue all over the world today. It is also true that one of the most effective ways to find a solution is by bringing awareness to the problem. That being said, if Arbour truly wanted to make a positive impact, she could have approached it in a way that did not consist of obnoxious sarcasm. The viral video would have served its purpose if it did not mock the people it is supposedly trying to help.

In the video, Arbour uses the following vulgar and clearly false statements to strengthen her argument:

  1. Fat shaming is not a thing.”

Uhh…Yes it is. Shaming someone for their body shape is a form of verbal harassment- just as shaming someone for the color of their skin is. 

2. “Fat shaming. Who came up with that? That’s f***ing brilliant. Yes! Shame people who have bad habits until they f***ing stop.”

But Nicole, that contradicts the statement you just made saying that fat shaming is not a thing. 

3. “Obesity is a disease? So is being a shopaholic, but I don’t get a f***ing parking pass.”

Actually, the American Medical Association classifies obesity as a disease. Shopping too much is not classified as a disease.

Nicole Arbour, your lack of seriousness shows that you do not genuinely care about the issue, you just want cheap laughs. If you have to insult people to be a comedian, you aren’t all that funny.