College applications distract students from the rest of their responsibilities


Brynn Blizzard, Opinion Editor


Around this time of year, mention the word to a senior and their response will include a horrendous groan. It is not that seniors don’t feel prepared for college itself, but the application process is one of the most stress initiating, nail biting, anxiety filled time period of a student’s life. Students are often overwhelmed by the complications of finding suitable schools, getting teacher recommendations, sending transcripts, working on multiple essays and applying for scholarships. Meanwhile, students are still expected to maintain a high GPA, continue participating in school activities and attempt to have a social life.

The problems within the application varies depending on the individual, but almost every student can agree that the most frustrating part is writing the essay. The essay is more or less the only thing the student has control over; therefore, the only opportunity to improve their application.  The essay is where a student can really let the college know who he or she is, but there lies the issue for most students. How can a student exhibit why they would be an ideal student to a college in approximately 500 words? Knowing that admissions counselors are looking through thousands of essays, every student feels the need to make their essay stand out. Some colleges also require writing supplements to better understand a student and their values. The writing supplements can benefit or hurt a student’s chances of being accepted depending on how ordinary their response is.

A lot of students tend to apply to multiple schools in case they do not get into their top choices. The fear of rejection encourages students to apply to more schools. Not only is applying to multiple schools costly, but it also means that most likely, you’ll be writing more and more substantial, well written writing supplements.

With this daunting thought creeping up on the senior (and junior) class, most students are left with major stress and little time.