ANTIFA: The Dangerous Far Left Movement

Antifa emblazoned on a wall in the Czech Republic. Antifa’s recent violence has stirred up outrage across America. Photo courtesy of

Ian Rees, online news Editor

Newly popularized political group Antifa or ‘anti-fascists’ have been making many headlines on main news outlets as they’ve had a revival in their movement. Most people don’t quite know what Antifa even is. Antifa is a far-left political group that supports the anti-fascist movement and protests for people under oppression, against amassing of wealth by corporations and elites. These all sound like good causes to bring to light and support, but don’t be so quick to back the dangerous group. Antifa continuously calls for violence against people they claim are “fascists”, but these “fascists” are usually not actual fascists. In most cases these so-called “fascists” are innocent conservatives, independents and capitalists that support many mainstream American political views. Antifa has assaulted private citizens in the streets with deadly weapons, used tear gas and explosives to shut down political opponents, vandalized public property and even called for the murder of President Donald Trump’s supporters.

Their latest acts of violence came in Berkeley, California on August 27 as a small group of Trump supporters were holding an anti-Marxist protest. Almost 100 Antifa proponents came fully clad in black bandannas, hoodies and masks to the peaceful rally and overwhelmed the protesters and police with smoke bombs. The anti-fascists proceeded to beat and pepper spray the Trump supporters as they retreated behind a line of riot police for safety. This is only one example of many violent actions committed by Antifa against peaceful rallies and protests.

Fighting the hateful and dangerous actions Antifa commits is not a partisan issue. Antifa is simply un-American: using violence and hate to suppress different opinions is not the way to advance and express your views. Violence is not discourse, suppression is not free speech and intimidation is not democratic. Wherever you stand on political issues, it’s a no brainer that radical groups like Antifa are dividing America and must be condemned and punished for their dangerous actions.