State of the Union: it’s time to rally behind the universally American goals of the President


President Trump delivers his first State of the Union. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Ian Rees, Online News Editor

Despite the fact that President Trump is disliked by a significant portion of the nation, he stands for American values and visions that many Americans can rally behind. Democrats need to realize that they’re going to have to look past what the President says and rally around his accomplishments and the goals he has set for America. In a time where the ideologies of both parties have become so polarized, trying to unify and make compromises is harder today than any time in recent decades.The State of the Union is a perfect event to make a new effort to cross party lines and find compromises and goals the whole country can rally behind.

The President made a great effort to establish this theme by starting the address with stories of American heroes who went above and beyond their duty in Hurricane Harvey, the Las Vegas shooting, the wildfires in California and along the border. The President used these heroes because they exemplify the courage and strength Americans possess, likewise the great things Americans can accomplish when they come together. Trump praised politicians from both sides for coming together during times of tragedy but importantly pointed out that it can’t be just tragedy that unites us, stating “I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people.”  

In addition to heroes all Americans can rally behind, Trump stated some of the accomplishments he’s had in the White House that are universally pro-America. As stated in the speech, 2.4 million jobs have been created since the President’s election, with 200,000 of those jobs being in manufacturing that the nation hasn’t seen in decades. With this, African American unemployment as well as Hispanic American unemployment have hit their lowest levels in American history. As a surprise to many, Democrats failed to stand and clap for these non-partisan accomplishments that help constituents of both parties. This may be an unfortunate sign that the Democrats care more about despising the President than rejoicing and celebrating great American accomplishments. We need leadership that’s not party first, but America first. As well as new jobs and record low unemployment rates for minorities, Trump mentioned the new manufacturing and energy industries that are coming back to the nation, the VA Accountability Act to ensure all veterans are treated extremely well (Democrats failed to stand and clap), and the regulations that were cut so businesses can thrive without government interference.

Moving from accomplishments, the President laid out specific goals he has for 2018. The President vowed to reduce the price of prescription drugs, as well as vowing to fight the opioid crisis which the administration declared a public health epidemic earlier in the year. The President stated he also intends to get a infrastructure bill passed to upgrade America’s old bridges and roads.  

From bringing minority unemployment to an all-time low to creating an agenda to combat the opioid epidemic, it’s time to set aside differences, forget hatred and work with the President to achieve goals that will benefit the country.