SGA inflates ego

Sean Lynch

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Opinion on Spirit Week
February 25, 2019

Photo courtesy of Corey Criss

SGA President Corey Criss after the first pep rally of the year.

For the Student Government Association (SGA) the student population votes amongst a few students who want to represent the whole school in the four positions that are available. It is always an exciting time of year since candidates have to sway the whole school to vote for them through goofy campaign posters and advertisements. Students aren’t able to walk through a hallway without seeing them, or have a day without a candidate trying to get publicity.  Once they are finally elected, their personality often changes. It is true that they represent the whole school, but some act like they run the school.

When election day rolls around, the buzz around the school is immense. It is the only topic discussed at school that day and when the results come in through the announcements, the suspense can be felt. People are either very disappointed that their friends didn’t win and some excited for their friends. Once SGA-elects are officially apart of student office, some feel like they have the authority to tell everyone what to do, making them feel superior to others since they have a presence in the school’s community. Some people’s personalities might be naturally cocky, while I have witnessed some people gain some inflated egos. They all have great personalities but go over the top in an effort to be the center of attention and demand that everyone pays them attention due to the status they have obtained. Some think they gain special privileges when it comes to interactions with faculty members.They somewhat think they have the right to talk to the teachers in a joking sarcastic way all the time without much consequence. They also can wander the school freely being off task and joking around. The job of being an SGA officer is supposed to be fun and exciting, but some can take it over the top with the amount of seriousness that they show. I think everyone appreciates all the time and effort they put into planning school events and improving WJ, but I think some can agree that it changes their personalities.