Opinion on Spirit Week


Leadership Staff

The spirit week created by leadership leading up to GLO. Meme day was a fan favorite.

Sean Lynch, Staff Writer

    In the month of February, Walter Johnson began its annual Pennies for Patients month, where Leadership and school faculty hold numerous events in order to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


    The biggest event of the month was held the week of February 8, where the rescheduled GLO event was held in the school’s main gym. This year it was held earlier in the month during a spirit week dedicated strictly to this heavily anticipated event. The five days of spirit this year were:

  • Meme Monday – Dress up as your favorite internet meme
  • Tuesday – Camo Day
  • Wacky Wednesday – Dress Wacky
  • Thursday – Career Day
  • Friday – Blackout


    Some of the spirit themes were pushed back along with GLO due to numerous weather complications that left the school closed or delayed every day that week. I saw a lot of people participate in the spirits throughout the entire week, and although I have never been the type of person to go all out during spirit week, as a senior I have tried much harder to participate in my last year of high school spirits. As for this previous week, I felt that the themes were very solid and allowed the students to express creativity while giving every student a chance to participate in different ways. A few examples of easy themes are Blackout, Camo, Career and Wacky Wednesday. These are things people most likely have in their wardrobe. My favorite in particular was “Meme Monday” in which a connection was shown between students and social media as many dressed up in popular internet memes. As a result, I feel that more spirit weeks need to continue to incorporate better themes such as these that do a great job of engaging the student body.