The Harry Styles Experience


Photo by Catherine Prado

The spotlight shines on Harry as he takes the stage.The fans in the arena roared through their masks.

As Harry Styles walked out onto the stage, flashing lights bounced off his lavender set. On September 18, 2021 Harry Styles performed in the Capital One Arena in D.C. This was one of his 39 shows on “Love On Tour”. He was joined by his supporting acts Maddison Cunningham, Jenny Lewis and Orville Peck.

“Love on Tour” was launched in support of his second studio album, Fine Line, released in 2019. Originally, “Love on Tour” was supposed to occur in 2020. However, because of COVID-19 it was cancelled. In spite of this, fans kept listening to his incredible music through the pandemic. Artists releasing new music played a big part in entertainment for bored teens like me, who were looking for something new while in quarantine.

“She” and “Adore You” are my two favorite songs in Fine Line; both are perfect songs to sing along to in the car. “She” is a song I listen to when I’m in a calm mood. I play it often when it’s raining, or when I’m getting ready for an event. I love the instrumental part of this song, especially his use of guitar. “Adore You” is more of an upbeat song that makes me feel energetic. It’s definitely a go-to song to play when driving with the windows down.

The venue for the concert held about 20,500 people and it sold out.

“If you didn’t have the vaccine, you had to show a covid test,” said junior Victoria Fidelis.

This was a great idea in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. From what I saw on social media, everyone had a mask on which was surprising but reassuring.

Flashing lights from above placed a spotlight on Harry, while other lights were changing colors and lighting up the arena. I thought the set up was perfect, yet very simple. Considering how crazy his fans are about him, it makes sense that most of the attention was on Harry. Although the flashing lights add tons of excitement, especially while singing and dancing, strobe lights are a trigger for seizures.

Overall, the combination of the setup, the fan engagement, fans following covid restrictions, and Harry himself, along with the songs he sang made a great concert. I highly recommend that his fans take on the chance to see him perform in such a great environment.