WJ should have a study hall period everyday

While Wildcat Wednesday is helpful, it would be far more beneficial if we had a study hall everyday or at least three times a week. This would give students a breather from class and a chance to study. It would also give students an opportunity to meet with teachers for extra help. Not to mention that study hall periods would be a perfect way for students with extended time to finish tests.

One of the most challenging parts of high school for students is getting assignments done on time. It’s hard for students to finish all of their assignments and prepare for tests all at home, especially when they have after school activities, have jobs or are on sports teams.

A big benefit of having a study hall period each day is that it would give students a chance to seek help from their teachers. It can be very beneficial for students to receive extra instruction from their teachers one-on-one, which is usually hard to achieve during class. As a result, the only time students can meet with their teachers in our current schedule is before school (which can be a problem for students transportation wise), or at lunch (which could take the duration of lunch time and as a result students miss out on eating their lunch) or after school, which can be a challenge for students who go to practice, jobs or have to catch a bus home.

But implementing a study hall would allow students a time to visit with their teachers without having to stress or think about when they will be able to meet with their teachers.

The same thing applies to students with extended time. I have extended time and I understand how difficult it can be to find time to finish tests during school. Especially towards the end of the quarter when there are usually a lot of assessments. It was challenging for me to find a time to finish all of my tests before the quarter. Luckily, I have very flexible teachers and was able to find time to finish all of my tests. But it was stressful trying to figure out the logistics. And a lot of other students with extended time face the same issue.

Sophomore Allie Berube, who has extended time, expressed the same problem of finishing assessments.

A lot of the time missing lunch or working into the following class period makes my day a lot more complicated and tiring than it should be.

— Allie Berube

Sometimes we don’t even get a chance to study or do homework on Wildcat Wednesdays due to homeroom lessons/activities. But by having a study hall period every day, there would be more wiggle room to include homeroom presentations.

A study hall period, whether it’s at the end of the day or the middle of the day, would be very helpful to students. It would give students a chance to study with their peers, get work done and relieve stress at home, as well as provide a time for students to seek out help from their teachers.