Are metro stations underfunded?


Photo Courtesy to Flickr

In White Flint, some parts of the platforms don’t have roofs. This makes it difficult to wait for trains when it’s raining and very dark at night. What are some ways to renovate metro stations?

Using the Metro can, at times, be a better choice over driving. This is especially true during heavy traffic times, like when there are events in the DC area during rush hour. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, commonly referred to as Metro, is a tri-jurisdictional government agency that operates transit service in the Washington metropolitan area. However, the Metro system is underfunded and this could be the primary reason why many people are reluctant to use it.

First of all, Metro stations are unappealing. In other countries like Japan, each station has a convenience store inside and has different types of lunch meals that you can eat, and each meal is made with ingredients that are grown fresh and locally. This is an incentive for many people in Japan to take the train because they can buy lunch on the way.

One reason why Metro stations and underground railroads around the country look dirty and crusty compared to other countries is that they were built in a very different era. The ones in Asia were made around the 90s when rapid economic growth was taking place, allowing the country to invest in up-to-date infrastructure. Which explains why they have a more advanced railroad system and how more people use it. “I think some of it you can equate to sort of delayed modernization,” University of California transport expert Robert Cervero said.

Therefore, funding is necessary to renovate Metro stations and create incentives so that more people will want to start riding trains and going to Metro stations.

Secondly, going to the Metro station and riding a train when it is still dark outside feels unsafe. It’s scary to walk to the station alone and wait for a train on a dark platform. It is the same case in Melbourne, Australia. According to The Age magazine, some negative experiences at the stations ranged from being intensely stared at, to being followed from platform to platform, photographed, chased, and assaulted. “If it’s past a certain time in the night, I just won’t take the train because I don’t feel safe in the area,” Monash University student Cordelia Prowd said.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a safer and more comfortable environment at Metro stations so that more people can ride trains with ease. I think the first step is to install more lights so that the platforms are brighter.

Although it may take a lot of money and time to recreate our Metro system, it is necessary and will benefit everyone. As more people start using public transportation, less gas will be used for cars, contributing to an eco-friendly community. With less use of personal cars, we would most likely see less accidents from drowsiness and intoxication as well. This heavy traffic in the Metro station would hopefully lead to more funding that can be used to eventually rebuild the Metro system.