Should we praise Johnny Depp in the end?


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Johnny Depp meets fans at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean

Imagine if Amber Heard was telling the truth. It seems absurd, doesn’t it? The thing is, Johnny Depp is a well renowned actor who stole hearts in the 90s and continues to do so as this trial comes to an end. Amber Heard, however, is a “B” list celebrity, mainly known for her role in Aquaman and being Johnny Depp’s crazy former spouse. I’m one of the many females infatuated with Johnny Depp and that’s how I acknowledged Heard’s existence. I’m not talking about the role in Aquaman. I’m talking about the ex trophy wife who had motivations that were fairly questionable. But I still think about the “what ifs.” What if she wasn’t lying? Then all those comments were living proof that we only believe the things we want to.
Awful things were “revealed” about Johnny Depp yet in the eyes of many people he’s an innocent man. As far as they know, Amber Heard is the only perpetrator and Johnny Depp is the only victim. Every mistake she continues to make proves she’s guilty but every mistake Johnny Depp makes is evidence that he’s just a human being.
And what if Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were nobodies? Would it be so obvious as to whose side I would support ? I hate to admit it, but I would be split between them. When the allegations first came up, I did believe her story. I had sympathy because I could understand the struggles of being a woman in the industry. Older men are indeed infamous for taking advantage of young beautiful women. But then again, women are just as capable of taking advantage of men too.
Still, this was Johnny Depp they were talking about. The actor that I grew up watching. I refused to feel betrayed by him. I refused to let him be another disappointment proving that if not all, then most men are the same.
Do not mistake the reason that I am writing this. For this trial, I am on Johnny Depp’s side more than I am on Amber Heard’s. But that does not exempt Depp from any wrongdoing he has done in his life.
So many people idolize celebrities that they forget these people are complete strangers. I am just as guilty. I found myself questioning these accusations against Depp. I’d say things like “The Johnny Depp that I know wouldn’t do something like this.” The thing is, I don’t know Johnny Depp at all. Besides his age, his past relationships, who his kids are, I don’t know anything else. I don’t have a personal connection with him, therefore, I cannot make judgment on whether or not he truly is a good person.
This type of obsession that people develop can only do more harm than good. Idolizing, romanticizing and putting people on a pedestal. This is only creating a barrier. To put it quite simply, it is dehumanizing. I don’t mean to criticize but I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned about the extent people will go to defend their idols. After all, there is a fine line between aspiring to have certain qualities a person may have and aspiring to be exactly like that person in general. I simply hope that people will realize the dangers of normalizing these delusions born out of celebrity obsessions.