Point/Counterpoint: Does ‘Dahmer’ raise awareness or create controversy?

Caleb Kasten

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Peter Kahrl

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December 5, 2023
Netflixs new hit show, Dahmer, sparks controversy over whether this show should have been created. Many viewers have said they felt the show is insensitive to the victims families and shouldnt have been created at all.

Netflix’s new hit show, Dahmer, sparks controversy over whether this show should have been created. Many viewers have said they felt the show is insensitive to the victims families and shouldn’t have been created at all.

Point: Caleb Kasten

Dahmer is a series on Netflix that documents the horrific crimes of the serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer. The show includes actors that strongly resemble the real life victims, which makes the show feel more realistic. The recently released documentary created great controversy over social media with whether or not the show should have been created. I don’t think there are any problems with the show. It is unique and reflects the real life events of Jeffery Dahmer. It educates viewers about the crimes and how insane serial killers are. For example, Dahmer brought other men back to his apartment, killed them, cut them open and cooked and ate their body parts. A critic would say that there is no reason to revisit the story of Dahmer. I disagree with this because this show is very unique and raises awareness for the victims who were killed by Dahmer. Many people now acknowledge the victims on TikTok, Instagram and other social media sources. It is good that the story was brought back in the form of a show because it helps raise awareness for the victims and their families so the case was never forgotten. In the case and the show, the cops who arrived at Dahmer’s apartment multiple times ignored the red flags that were inside his apartment. I was never aware that the cops failed to arrest Dahmer which caused many more others to die. I am glad the show was released so I could learn small things about cases like this.

Counterpoint: Peter Kahrl

The Netflix original, Dahmer, glorifies Jeffrey Dahmer, a monster responsible for 17 homicides and the brutal mutilation of their bodies. Since this show has launched, there has been considerable backlash and controversy over its graphic content and the effect it has on the victims’ families. The show has forced the victims’ families to relive all the trauma from their loved ones being murdered and it depicts the murders in graphic detail for millions to see. It also forces a despicable monster back into the spotlight and gives him fame and attention that he does not deserve. The show has also started trends on TikTok where people can be found recreating some of the things Dahmer did and joking about the murders and the victims intelligence. Many viewers have also started to empathize with Dahmer because of the actor’s portrayal and some have even sexualized him. People can be seen all over social media saying that Dahmer is misunderstood and calling Dahmer attractive. People have even said they would willingly be a victim themselves. This is very insensitive and extremely inappropriate. Another problem is the desensitization of the atrocities that Dahmer committed. Many viewers have expressed how unbothered they were throughout the show and some have even wished for more graphic scenes. The fact that people are unperturbed by the vivid depictions of Dahmer’s crimes is very troubling.