Boys and gender neutral bathrooms ranked

Location: 100’s Wing Gym Rank: #1 This bathroom has gone through a character arc. I still remember using it in my freshman year wondering as if I had just stumbled into the Ward 8 of high school restrooms. The lighting was off, the sinks were not working properly, and the soap dispensers were empty and far past their prime. However when I came back two years later I was astounded by the development that this bathroom had. It had been reformed into a respectable and usable bathroom, surpassing many of its peers. I truly believed that this bathroom was never going to amount to anything but here I was, in awe of its transformation.

Walter Johnson’s bathrooms are a truly unique experience. For some, they are places of necessity, places where one does their business and then leaves, never fully immersed in the environment. For others, they are places of comfort, privacy, shelter and commerce. Because of this discrepancy, many are unaware of the best and worst places to escape the harsh realities of public education. That is why I would like to educate the good men of Walter Johnson on the standings of all the restrooms we have available to us. The ranks are based on both the quality of the facilities and the level of accessibility. All the pictures were taken when the bathrooms were vacant (I double checked) and I also included the gender neutral bathrooms to include all the options we as boys would have access to.