Is Netflix’s Megan & Harry documentary really needed?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a step back from being senior royals and have since then moved to California. The public theorizes that the couple is continuing to share their story in the media for financial reasons and due to the fear of becoming irrelevant.

On December 1, 2022, the suspected documentary on ex-royals Megan Markle and Prince Harry was announced where the couple would exhibit their relationship and reflect upon their past involving the royal family. Since the couple left their royal positions in January 2020, the media has been roaring at their every move and has been searching to get into the details of their exit from the royal family.

And they finally gave the people what they wanted in March of 2021 when the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a deep-diving interview where the royal family was exposed for being uncaring, racist and truly just not what they conveyed to their public and the country that they represent.

It’s truly fascinating to learn about the abnormal life, which is that of a royal and to learn about the reality of members of the famous family, but it’s been three years since the couple left the royal family, and the topic has already been thoroughly covered. Megan Markle continues to argue that she wants to share her experiences as a member of the royal family from her own perspective, but from how many platforms does she need to share? Netflix’s Megan & Harry docuseries just isn’t needed.

The couple goes on and on about how invasive the media is, both in and out of the documentary, but they continue to put themselves into the spotlight. And if they hate the media so much, why would they take something as big as a Netflix documentary where they talk about their family, their relationship, their relationship with the royal family and every aspect of their life, which they claim is being invaded by the media?

“Megan explains in the documentary that they (the media) are vultures, they’re reckless, they don’t leave her family alone, and they do not care about her privacy at all,” senior Shiima Nantulya said.

The couple explains that the perspective from the royal family and the media of their leaving doesn’t cover the full story and that they feel the need to share things from their own perspective in order to move on. “To move to the next chapter, you gotta finish the first chapter,” Harry says in the second Netflix Trailer.

But the chapter has been closed since March of 2021 when the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey to dive into the details of life as a part of the Royal Family and explain the reasons for their leaving. So why are they still going on and on? Everyone has different theories about the real motive behind the couple’s Netflix documentary.

“I think the couple is genuinely trying to show what their life is like and show the reality of life in such an immense spotlight. Beyond the royal family, the couple talks about very serious topics such as the racism which Megan has faced, the lack of care the royal family had for Megan and so much more,” sophomore Alexa Buss said.

But the more popular opinion upon the public theorizes that the couple is simply in it for the money and took up documentary due to a fear of becoming irrelevant.

“I think that they made the documentary partially for clarity so they could set their story straight, but mostly for money and publicity so they could stay in the spotlight and continue to make money off their relations to the royal family,” senior Olivia McCloskey said.