WJ should change the video announcements


Screengrab by Jose Tovar

At the beginning of the new semester, students experienced a change during their second period. As they walked into their classroom they were met with the morning announcements being live-streamed on youtube.

While it is a welcome change, the lags and faults mean that the presentation is not an improvement over the previous semester’s announcements.

Throughout the first semester, students were used to listening to the announcements being broadcasted over the PA system at the beginning of the second period. Those first five minutes of announcements were moments for students to settle in and chat with each other. It was not an uncommon sight to see many students on their phones and/or listening to music.

This meant that many students did not really listen or pay attention to the messages being transmitted. The presented solution to this problem is the new video announcements that show the same news but in a more visually appealing format.

Overall a good idea, the new video format has received positive feedback despite its many problems.

One of the problems with this new format is that some teachers either forget or decide not to show the announcements. During the first week of the new semester, the live stream which broadcasts the announcements needed to be fixed. This left students without listening to the reports and caused teachers to lose trust in the system.

When they were broadcasted through the PA, the announcements were forced onto students and teachers regardless of what they wanted. Now you have teachers either too lazy or careless to put the announcements due to their faulty functionality. Whether it be that the broadcast does not start on time or simply is too laggy to keep up with, there are certainly improvements to be made.

It must be said that when they do work, they present a more visually appealing option for students. With a rotating pair of presenters delivering the messages in a news broadcast format, more students can put a face to the name of these presenters who can receive recognition.

The video format is low quality and laggy which makes it difficult to keep up and pay attention to the content.

It is easier for students to pay attention to the video format rather than just the speakers, but there could be changes made to make it even better. As of now, the information is just distributed in a broadcast format with no real visual elements to make it more enticing for the viewers.

Should they add images or videos regarding the information, students and teachers would probably be more inclined to watch them. They could also begin to talk about a wider range of news during the broadcast to appeal to more students.

While overall a positive idea, there are many errors to be fixed before it can be considered to be an improvement over the old format.