Travel guide for teens along the east coast


Becca Freda

One of the many beautiful sights on the whale watching tour in Boston. The whales come right to the boat to splash around in the water and say “Hello” to the crowds marveling at the sights.

Are you ever sitting at home during the summer, bored out of your mind, searching for something to do? Instead of finding something to do, find somewhere to go. I understand that we are teens, and telling you to go to Alaska is not a realistic thing to ask for, but what if I told you that you could go on an incredible adventure, without leaving the East Coast? I’m here to share some locations that I love and tips about how to make your trips amazing.

Location #1: Burlington, Vermont
When you think of a summer getaway, you don’t necessarily think of Vermont as the place to go. Let me change your mind real quick. I went to Burlington last summer, and it was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
Things to do:
Church Street Marketplace: The strip consists of restaurants, shops, ice cream parlors, along with performers and other entertainment on the street. Along with your typical clothing chain brands, the street is filled with locally owned boutiques where you can find unique clothes just for your liking.
Go on a bike ride: There is a bike path on the lake waterfront that is a beautiful, calming and fun way to get exercise while taking in the beautiful scenery of Lake Champlain.
Go to a coffee shop: One shop I went to was the “Cosmic Grind.” I got a maple syrup latte (a Vermont favorite), and the vibe inside was so unique and the coffee was terrific.
Go on a sunset cruise: at the cruise I went to, they served dinner and drinks on the boat, but make sure to arrive early so you get a seat by the edge of the boat for the best view. The sunset is a beautiful array of pink, blue and red over the lake.

Location #2: Florida Keys
Have you ever wanted a Caribbean vacation by the beach, but don’t want to have to leave the country? Well, the Florida Keys is the place to go!
Here are some things to do:
Snorkeling: if you want to swim with colorful fish and other wildlife, you can attend a snorkeling tour, guided by professionals that take you to the most beautiful reefs in the Keys.
Connect with nature: There is a plethora of intriguing wildlife in the Keys such as crocodiles, exotic birds, ocean animals and more. You can take hikes in the forest and greenery of the tropical island, swim in the clear waters, visit the many animal sanctuaries/zoos and overall, explore the Keys!
Eat food: The Keys are famous for their key lime pies (of course)f you are in the area, you have to try the perfectly sweet and refreshing delicacy. I would personally recommend Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe for the most perfectly crafted pies.

Location #3: Boston, MA
While Boston may seem like a basic suggestion, there is so much more to do in the city than you would think. I went to Boston for a weekend trip with my mom and we had so much fun visiting Beantown; Here’s what we did:
Shop on Newbury Street: Filled with designer and basic brands as well as pop up shops Newbury Street is the perfect place for a fun filled day of shopping and eating with restaurants that accommodate your every craving.
Go to the aquarium: The New England Aquarium is one of the nicest and most impressive aquariums in the country, having every animal from a shark to an otter. The aquarium overlooks the harbors making for a terrific view during your time looking at the wildlife.
Whale watching: what could be better than a calming boat ride on a luxury ship heading towards the whale infested waters of the sea? Watch the whales do tricks up close for a unique once in a lifetime experience. The boat ride is a short 30 minute there and back with lots of seating.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace: It is located in a historical district of downtown Boston with cobblestone streets and lots of old government buildings that are open for the public to explore. The strip included pop up shops, chain stores, and unique food stands. I tried sushi for the first time when I was here!
Flour Bakery: Flour is a Boston chain bakery and cafe that has coffees, pastries breakfast sandwiches, and nutrient rich smoothies/bowls. I went there every morning when I was in Boston and it never got old with the upbeat music, and simplistic aura in the shop.

Location #5: Nashville
If you love country music, good food, and cute shops, you should take a look at Nashville, Tennessee. Even though country music is not my first choice, I still found my place and activities to my liking in Nashville and am waiting for the day when I can go back.
Things to do:
Country Hall of Fame and Museum: A must see even if you are not a country music fan! A beautiful facility with so many different artifacts including one of Taylor Swift’s old guitars! The museum is a popular stop, so make sure to get tickets beforehand. I recommend blocking 2 hours off of your schedule for the museum so you can truly see everything and get the full experience.
The Pancake Pantry: I am not a big fan of breakfast foods, but the Pancake Pantry was one of the best places I have ever eaten in my entire life. The menu has every type of pancake and they are fluffy, light and delicious, as well as other fantastic breakfast dishes such as sausage and gravy, or an omelet.
Shopping: There are many neighborhoods around the Nashville area to shop in specialty boutiques. Some of my favorites are Green hills, Hillsboro Village, and Franklin.