With upcoming MLB Postseason, fans look forward to a competitive October


Andrew Resnick, Sports Editor

If there was ever one word that could be used to excite a baseball fan, that word would be October. Each year with the start of October comes the start of the Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason which brings many thrills to not just baseball fans, but practically any sports fan. This year’s MLB postseason will clearly be no exception with the Chicago Cubs, who haven’t won a World Series in 108 years, as the clear-cut favorites. Junior Kevin Good believes that the Cubs are set to finally end their century-old drought this October.

“I definitely think that the Cubs will win the World Series this year,” Good said. “They have great pitching, hitting, and an amazing bullpen… [the Cubs] are all set.”

Junior Connor Phelps also thinks that the Cubs have what it takes to go far in the postseason this year.

“The Cubs’ rotation and lineup are both incredible which puts them ahead of all teams talent-wise,” Phelps said.

Boasting a starting rotation with the likes of Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, and Kyle Hendricks, three potential Cy Young winners, it is no question that the Cubs have the strongest pitching in the league. In addition to their substantial pitching, the Cubs also have some of the best overall players in the league with All-Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo, third baseman Kris Bryant, who has had an MVP-worthy season this year, and phenom shortstop Addison Russell. It definitely looks like the Cubs are poised to finally get over their haunted past this year with a World Series win. With scarring playoff memories such as the Steve Bartman incident in the 2003 NLCS, when Steve Bartman, a Cubs fan reached over the railing and interfered with a ball in fair play, this incident of fan interference was blamed for the Cubs epic collapse in the playoffs that season. With that memory fresh in Cubs fans minds, a World Series win will bring an end to the heartbreak Cubs fans have endured throughout the years. The question now would be is it possible to defeat the Cubs before they can win what many see as a guaranteed World Series? Phelps believes that the Boston Red Sox, not the Cubs, will be the World Series champions this year.

“The Red Sox just have such a high-powered lineup and some very solid pitching,” Phelps said. “Most people would pick the Cubs to win it all this year, but every time the Red Sox have won the World Series in recent years, it has been somewhat of a surprise.”

The Red Sox are with no doubt having a banner year on their own this season. As the top batting team in the majors by a wide margin, the Red Sox can count on a lot of run support in the postseason. Their high powered offense has been carried by numerous players, including 40-year old David Ortiz in his 20th and final season in MLB. Ortiz has belted 33 home runs so far this season, breaking a record for the most home runs in a season for any age 40 or older. Also leading their high powered offense are Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts, two young players expected to carry the team for years in the future. As for the Washington Nationals, the hometown team, both Phelps and Good alike agree that a lot would have to happen in the postseason this year in order for the Nats to win this year’s World Series.

“I think the Nationals could potentially make it past the divisional round if the bottom half of their rotation steps up their play,” Phelps said. “It looks like [starting pitcher] Stephen Strasburg is out for an extended period which could really hurt their World Series chances.”

Good, like Phelps, believes that the Nationals could potentially win the World Series this year, but many things have to start going their way in order for them to be the champions.

“[The nationals could win the World Series] If their hitting starts to become good, if [Bryce] Harper starts to finally heat up and other key players such as [Ryan] Zimmerman also start to heat up,” said Good. “Their pitching also really needs to step up, right now it is not where it needs to be… If all of that goes right for the Nationals, they might be able to make it to the World Series this year.”

Regardless of how uncertain the outcomes of each team in the playoffs will be, one thing can be certain, and that is that this year’s postseason will be one to remember. With so many strong contenders for the World Series, there is no doubt that no matter what happens, all baseball fans will be pleased with the MLB postseason this year.