Boys’ basketball profile: senior Michael Joseph


Bryce Auster, Sports Editor

Senior Michael Joseph has not played very much this season, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He believes his role is already defined, and that it is an integral part to the team.

His role:

“Get everyone amped up.” Joseph said.

When he was asked how, his response was simple.

“A lot of screaming and a lot of yelling,” Joseph said.

Joseph isn’t just the guy on the bench who gets everyone excited, he still plays and brings energy to the court.

“Playing wise I bring a lot of defensive energy,” Joseph said. “I hit threes from time to time, I feel like it helps everyone else get pumped up for the game as well.”

Joseph wasn’t always indifferent to his lack of playing time. It took a game earlier in the year to help him fully realize his role on the team. In a game against Blair, he only played about 30 seconds, so when he got to the bench he was fuming.

“I was heated on the bench” Joseph said.”It took me a second after to take a big step back and realize ‘Michael, this is not about you, this is more about the team’”

He hopes he can help WJ win with his energetic pesonality. They will play Churchill High School on January, 31. Joseph will undoubtedly be even more intense against their biggest rival.