Bocce falls to Whitman in their first game

Hailey Chaikin

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May 22, 2018

Senior, Jomel Velasquez pitches the ball at the Whitman game.

The Bocce roster has been finalized and the season is underway. Head coach Emilia O’Connor has selected a roster and the official season began with a game against Whitman at WJ on Wednesday, January 3.

Bocce is a sport consisting of sets that are 30 minutes long. In order to win the game one team must win two sets. Therefore, Bocce can last much longer than two sets.

During WJ’s first set against Whitman, the players made many great throws. Many students had close balls to the target ball, also known as the Jack or Pallino ball in the Bocce world.

Their balls came very close, but Whitman’s ball was always just a bit closer. At the end of the first set, WJ was losing 10-2.

WJ picked up the tempo in the second set and in the last minute WJ scored two points. Whitman ended up winning the second set  8-4. Since Whitman won both sets, they won with the score of 2-0.  However, junior Michael Casey still showed optimism

“I feel like even though we lost, there will always be more opportunities in the future,” Casey said.

Casey had a few good throws and one resulted in two points for the Wildcats.

Another key player, senior Gerry Gruber, shared that he knew WJ could have done better.

“We were pumped for our first game of Bocce against Whitman. I think that the second match, we got a little out of sync,” Gruber said. “I think we could have done a little better.”

Bocce’s second game was played on Saturday, January 6 against Churchill. The Wildcats lost 2-0. Their next game was played at Wootton on January 10, the score was 2-0 Wootton.  The next game will be against BCC High School on Tuesday, January 16th at WJ at 5:30 pm.