How WJ athletes have been staying in shape during the pandemic

Zach Miller

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Photo by Zach Miller

Many high school basketball players in the area have been playing at their local parks outside.

Ever since COVID-19 started affecting our community, our daily lives and routines have been seriously changed. Many students at WJ are involved with sports teams at school and/or club teams. With all practices and games being cancelled for such a long period of time, the athletes have needed to find other ways to stay in shape with a dim hope for a season this spring.

With many gyms being closed for a while, some athletes have found other ways to get their workouts in. Senior baseball player Eli Bader has found other creative ways to stay active while not having access to a gym right now.

“I have been lifting weights in my basement with free weights that we have. I have also been doing a lot of body weight exercises, such as push-ups and pull-ups. I also go on an occasional jog or run. The fall league that we are currently playing in for baseball has been very beneficial for us too,” Bader said.

Soccer is known for having a lot of running involved. Without practices and games, the players have had to find different ways to keep their stamina up and to keep improving their skills. Senior Goalkeeper Evan Calhoun has been staying ready for any opportunity to play soccer again.

“I have been going on a lot of runs outside to try and prepare for the season. I have also been practicing my juggling with the soccer ball and drills to keep my skills fresh. It is very important that we all stay ready and in shape for whenever they decide to let us play,” Calhoun said.

Basketball players are also affected by the closing of gyms. There has been limited access to indoor basketball courts. For basketball, a large part in improving your game and skillset is to be able to scrimmage against other people, so that you can play against real defense. Due to COVID-19, it has not been safe enough for people to play in these important pick up games.

Senior basketball player Philip Stubin has adapted very well to the changes that have occurred due to COVID-19. He has been staying in great basketball shape and he has developed workout routines which are very crucial.

“During quarantine I came up with a workout routine everyday that included working out twice a day. I would either do a cardio workout or play basketball outside at a local park in the mornings and then I would lift weights in the afternoon. I would give myself every Sunday off as a rest day,” Stubin said.

If a return to sports comes this school year, nobody will be more prepared than these athletes that have been putting the most work in during this tough time. Until then, we will patiently wait for the decision from Montgomery County about when sports can resume.