Three-season athlete Jane Joncas reflects on Wildcat career

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Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Senior Jane Joncas steps up for her next event. Jane is a three sports athlete in gymnastics, fall cheer and winter cheer.

Senior Jane Joncas is a three sport athlete who fills her day with practice and school work, while still being able to maintain a social life.
Q: What is the hardest part about being a three sport athlete?
A: “The hardest part about being a three sport athlete for me is the transition between sports. Even though cheer, dive and gymnastics are all very related, it’s important to remember that you can land on your head in the pool but you have to land on your feet on solid ground.”
Q. Do you have trouble completing all your school work while playing a sport in all three seasons?
A: “I don’t have a hard time completing school work even though my schedule is tightly packed with athletics during all three seasons. I’ve developed some very useful time management skills over the years, like creating a schedule and eliminating distractions while I work, that have helped me succeed both inside and outside the classroom.”
Q: Which sport is your favorite and are you most passionate about.
A: “Of my three sports I am most passionate about gymnastics. Gymnastics was my first sport, and will always hold a special place in my heart. I was a competitive gymnast well before high school and the skills I learned from gymnastics lend themselves to both cheer and dive.”

Q4. Who is your biggest mentor?
A: “My biggest mentors have been my teammates who graduated ahead of me. They all treated me like family, helped me with everything from learning a new skill to finishing a challenging assignment, and taught me how to take on the responsibility of leadership. These skills are all very useful now since I’m a captain of all three of my teams this year and I can treat my teammates as well as they treated me.”
Q5. Do you plan on playing one of your three sports in college?
A: “Though I’m not being recruited to play a varsity sport in college, I hope to keep up my athleticism by joining a club team. I haven’t decided for sure which sport I’d like to pursue yet though.”
Q: What is your plan for sports for the upcoming season? With the second semester sports sports plan some seasons overlap. Do you plan on dropping one of your sports?
A: “I’m hopeful that my schedule will not require me to drop a sport and I’ll be able to participate in all three abbreviated in-person seasons. For now, I plan on attending some county webinars and leading some workouts and team bonding over Zoom during the virtual preseasons.”
Joncas plans on attending a four year university where she hopes to play on one of the club teams for her three sports.