Senior swimmer Hanna Bingley commits to Bucknell University

Josephine Meriot

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Photo Courtesy of Hanna Bingley

On July 5th, senior Hanna Bingley signing her commitment papers to swim with Bucknell University. Not only interested in the division one swim team, Bingley is also fascinated by the rigorous and numerous academic opportunities Bucknell University offers.

At the age of 6, Bingley’s mom wanted her to try out for the summer swim team which led her to begin her competitive swim journey in the 7th grade. Following in her mother’s footsteps of swimming in college, senior Hanna Bingley committed to Bucknell University.

With the busy schedule of a swimmer, Bingley’s regular day consists of either swimming or lifting before school and then returning back to the pool for afternoon practice after homework. All the training, practices, and determination endured have allowed Bingley to commit to a division one school but also earn multiple awards.

I’ve been a PVS (Potomac Valley Swimming) scholar athlete three times, the Scholastic all american once, and I also placed 8th in 100 breast at futures.

— Hanna Bingley

Interested in pursuing computer science, Bingley was impressed with Bucknell’s academics and the opportunities that would be open to her. As soon as she visited the campus, she felt that the small and beautiful feel was exactly what she had been seeking. Not only were the athletic facilities amazing but also the teammates and coaches Bingley met were and still are extremely supportive.

“Even when I swim a meet here in Maryland, normally someone on the coaching staff reaches out to congratulate me,” Bingley said.

Getting to know the coaches of Bucknell’s swim team was challenged by Covid but thankfully persevered. Bucknell representatives were unfortunately unable to attend swim meets in person due to Covid but Bingley used everything at her disposal to complete her commitment and successfully signed on July 5.

“I was able to make connections with the coaches with constant phone calls and I met with most of the girls every couple weeks,” Bingley said.

Although Bingley swims on Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC), she also is a part of the WJ swim team. Bingley continues to practice and train on both teams and specializes in the 100m Breaststroke.

“The school team meets less times per week than I swim with my club team. My club team is also much smaller than the high school team.” Bingley said.

The most difficult part of swimming for Bingley is getting back into swimming right after a big meet. Especially for an intense sport like swimming, Bingley has become the swimmer she is today with the support of her parents and coaches who have allowed her to find motivation and helped her keep it along with setting new goals.

“I have a really hard time motivating myself even though I had swam really well the past weekend. I normally set my sights on a new meet and then pick a goal and that helps me to continue,” Bingley said.