Up at Bat: Spectators at Sports

“I was very upset when we couldn’t go to games anymore because I know that the crowd has an influence on the game, having one of the best crowds in moco I think that us being there really helps out.” -Alejandro Linares, 12

They’re baaaack. After a long month, Montgomery County recently announced that now at sporting events the stands can be refilled with 50% of spectators. The spirit this year started off strong, but as Montgomery County’s Omicron cases rose, students knew that meant not being able to go support their teams. 

For basketball players, playing in an empty gym has definitely been a big change. The players went from being motivated by the loud cheers of the packed gym to only hearing their coach and teammates on the bench. Parents have only been able to see their kids play through their computers or phone on the website NFHS. 

“I understood it was to keep everyone safe, it made sense not to have 500 students all on top of each other. But, I do think that parents should have been allowed to come watch their kids. If each player brought two people that would only be 30 people that could be spaced out,”

boys varsity basketball coach Kevin Parish said.