Saint Peter’s March Madness journey ends

Number 25 Doug Edert and the Peacocks celebrate the win after the insane upset against Kentucky.

Courtesy of Jamie Sabau/NCAA Photos

Number 25 Doug Edert and the Peacocks celebrate the win after the insane upset against Kentucky.

The 15th seed Saint Peters basketball team representing Jersey City, New Jersey had an outstanding performance in this year’s March Madness tournament. Led by four-year head coach Shaheen Holloway the Peacocks shocked the nation.

In the first round beating number 2 seed University of Kentucky (85-79) then going on to beat Murray St. (70-60). This made Saint Peters the third ever No. 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16.

Not one single player on the team was even ranked coming out of high school. Their fearlessness is one of the many reasons why they are immensely succeeding right now.

“I’ve got guys from New Jersey and New York City. You think we’re scared of anything?” Holloway said in an interview.

This accomplishment has shocked all NCAA fans. In their first game against Kentucky, starting junior guard Daryl Banks III led the team with 27 points to pull off the crazy win against the No. 2 seed.

Unfortunately though, March 27th, they went up against the No. 8 seed UNC (69-49) the peacocks weren’t able to pull out another win and couldn’t advance to the final four.

“I watch all the March Madness games and follow the NCAA closely so as a basketball fan it is so cool to see a number 15 seed make it this far and pull off crazy upsets no one thought they would, I’m sad to see their run come to an end,” sophomore Theo Maisel said.

Many people’s brackets have been messed up because of Saint Peter’s shocking success. As they were winning more games, more brackets were losing points because no one predicted them getting past the first round.

“Like everyone, I had Saint Peter’s losing to Kentucky in the first round. Although it messed up my bracket, I would’ve loved to see them go to the final four because of how underrated they were coming into the tournament,” sophomore Nick Zayas said.

They are currently 21-12 and second in the MAAC (The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference). It wouldn’t be surprising if Coach Holloway got offers after showing what he can do with a very underrated team.