Emma Kothari races to the end of senior year; commits to Johns Hopkins

Alessandro Marra

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Photo courtesy of Kelyn Soong

Senior Emma Kothari races to the finish line during her 4x400meter relay at the Screaming Eagle Invitational. Kothari and her relay members finished in first place.

Senior Emma Kothari, 4×800 meter state champ and open 400-meter nationals runner, has announced her Track and Field commitment to Johns Hopkins University.

Kothari plans to study Biology, majoring in molecular and cellular biology. Kothari wishes to pursue her studies in pre-med as she will be attending medical school.

Since the start of high school, Kothari has been a dual-sport athlete. Over the years she has incorporated a daily routine to help maintain a balance between both academics and athletics.

Starting sports at the age of 4, as a young girl Kothari always was encouraged to continue the sports that she played.

“Around the start of high school, both my parents and soccer coaches told me that I’d be good at track considering my speed shown during my past soccer games,” Kothari said.

At the beginning of the outdoor track season, as a freshman, Kothari initially started track to stay in shape for her soccer career. Once having placed second in the 4×800 meter relay at states later that year, she recognized the future track could entail for her.

Kothari has been a leader to our whole team and especially pushed me forward. We run the same events so she has been a huge role model to me, as well as an amazing friend who makes running distance a lot more enjoyable.

— Mackenzie Raue

During her first years of high school sports, Kothari made new friends and grew to look up to many seniors before her. As a senior, Kothari is now a role model for her underclassmen relay members in the 4×800 meter, and the 4×400 meter. The 4×8 has been one of Kothari’s favorites since finding a love for sprints.

On the days leading up to a meet, Kothari’s routine consists of stretching, hydrating properly; getting mentally and physically prepared.

“I sometimes enjoy eating pasta the night before a meet and taking a bath to help me relax,” Kothari said.

The feeling of winning state champ for another time runs through Kothari’s head before each race, hoping to eventually reach that goal once again.

“The welcoming and remembrance of our track team team showed presence in Hopkins track team, and it’s a great school judging what I want to major in,” Kothari said.

Originally, the JHU coach showed interest in Kothari before the track coach. Due to a personal experience with a soccer coach in the past, Kothari has decided to pursue her ambitions of being an athlete for track and field.