Students athletes overwhelmed with summer approaching

Audrey Ring

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Photo courtesy of Dylan Minnick

Junior Dylan Minnick smiles with Temple’s inside linebacker coach Chris Woods. After an intense college camp, the players can meet and make connections with the coaching staff.

Junior year is commonly characterized as a very overwhelming time as students are juggling AP classes on top of their SAT/ACT. But not as many people acknowledge the stress that comes around this time for talented student athletes.

Entering summer, showcases and tournaments become a frequent occurrence as college scouts watch the athletes show off their skills. Many student athletes also stay in touch with colleges through recurring emails and phone calls.

Constant evaluations while coaches are assessing skills and potential become nerve-racking. The pressure that comes with getting scouted is not easy to handle for many high schoolers. But many teens take the summer to show their dream schools what they’ve got.

“I have a showcase on Thursday (June 8) and on June 17, I am going to a Vanderbilt camp. I’m excited because Vanderbilt is one of my top choices so I hope they like how I perform,” junior Dylan Minnick said.

As a football linebacker for the Wildcats, Minnick’s year has been challenging, balancing constant communication with college coaches while also trying to enjoy his summer before senior year.

There is also a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the recruitment process. Every school is looking for specific players to fill their spots. There is no guarantee when it comes to receiving an offer, which causes uncertainty about the future.

For baseball pitcher Jay Wandell, a similar process to Minnick is underway for his summer.

“I will be taking several visits to certain schools throughout the summer. I think a lot of people don’t realize how stressful it can be deciding what school you want to go to but I’m just excited to talk to different coaches over the summer and hopefully find somewhere that fits me,” Wandell said.

But as the school year comes to an end and summer begins, student athletes can focus on their path to becoming collegiate athletes.