Patriots dynasty is not over

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The analysts are all calling for the downfall of the Patriots. Tom Brady is falling off of a cliff, the defense is overrated, the offensive line is sub-par and the team has no skilled players. What the analysts don’t know is that this is what the Patriots want. They want you to think the greatest dynasty in sports history is coming to an end, but I’m here to tell you a different story.

I will admit, this year was a disappointment, starting the year with such high hopes. Signing Antonio Brown a day before the season started, Josh Gordon being reinstated, signing Demarius Thomas in the off-season and retaining Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman made the receiving core look very promising going into the season. Unfortunately, in the end, it was Julian Edeman and some chumps.

The Patriots look to be on the downfall because of the offensive struggles and early playoff exit, but they are in great shape. The future draft class has promising receiving talent, as well as a possible weapon for Brady this upcoming season and also a successor. This draft features some of the top quarterbacks in college football. Some are out of the Patriots reach because of draft seeding, but there will still be top choices in the second and third round. The Patriots could select receiver Justin Jefferson with the 22nd overall pick, a deep ball threat for Brady which was missing this season. A second or third round selection could include Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts or Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm. I believe Jake Fromm would be a better fit for the Patriots, as he can run when needed, but also manage a game at a high level.

If Brady decides to walk, however, there are some free agent quarterbacks that could help the team. Teddy Bridgewater looked good in his five starts filling in for injured Drew Brees, going 5-0 throwing nine touchdowns and just two interceptions. He can put up better numbers in a bigger role if needed.

The dynasty is not over. An off year led to unnecessary speculation. The 2020 NFL season will be the return of Patriots greatness.