WJ spring sports plan for reduced season


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Senior Elias Eberhart catches the ball thrown back to him by the coach. Spring athletes have different views on the upcoming season.

The Spring of 2020 started the downward spiral of Covid-19 cancellations. Spring sports were the only sports that got cancelled last year. This year spring sports are slated to start at the end of April and have a five week season. They also will not have a state tournament.
Spring sports usually start on March 1 and go until the middle of May or early June depending on how far the team makes it in the playoffs. The new second semester sports plan condensed every sports season down into one semester. This caused spring sports to start two months late.
“It is very disappointing we weren’t able to have a full season last year and this season we will only have a five week season. I know how hard these guys work to get better during the off season and for them to not be able to show it off during the season stinks,” varsity baseball coach Steve Sutherland said.

WJ baseball was projected to finish high in the division and possibly make a run at their first state championship in school history.
“It sucks losing out on my junior and most of my senior season. We thought we were gonna be pretty good this year but we most likely won’t get the chance,” senior varsity softball player Sydney Pizza said.Softball has improved every year since Coach Richard Carter has taken over three years ago.

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“ I have a different viewpoint on this than other people because I play two sports. Even though both seasons are cut short I still feel like I get a whole season of experience so this does not affect me,” varsity football and tennis player David Gardner said.
“ I was really looking forward to my first high school season. My brother Dean is a senior and he’s told me about how fun high school sports are and it sucks that I can’t have that,” freshman Jay Wandell said.
Freshman and seniors seem to have the same point of view about not being able to play. What about sophomores? If the season does not get played then this will be their second year of not playing.
“ It stinks. It plain out stinks that we haven’t been able to play a single game in two years. Hopefully this year we will have some sort of season but as we get closer to February, it seems more and more unlikely,” sophomore Ellie Hilton said.
Players seem to be aggravated about the fact that they didn’t get a season last year and now they have to cut their season short for fall and winter sports who had a season last year and get to have a season this year as well.