Mrs. Baker’s Twitter goes viral

Rebecca Davids

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Recently a shocking event occurred when the WJ principal was verified on twitter. Everyone at WJ is aware of Principal Jennifer Baker’s famous Twitter account, @WJPrincipal. Baker is known for her famous candid photos taken at an assortment of WJ events. The pictures are on point and display a variety of students’ emotions. All of the principals in the county try to demonstrate through their photos that their school is the most academic, spirited and picturesque.

Baker first started Twitter to show to the community how much of a style icon she was. Then Baker decided to show the community just how awesome her job with over 2,000 kids was.

“I live and breathe green so why not make WJ my Twitter platform?” Baker said.

At staff meetings, all that the WJ employees can talk about is that day’s Twitter post from Baker.

“Since I am always collecting tickets at basketball and football games, it’s nice to know WJ has more activities to offer than sports thanks to Mrs. Baker’s Twitter,” math teacher Laura Brager said.

Recently Baker attended a Twitter conference to learn more about that specific social media platform. There she showed the panel of speakers her Twitter feed and they were mesmerized by all of the spirit WJ has to offer.

“Male poms are a genius idea that other schools have to do, I could not stop laughing,” Twitter panel member said.

When Baker got back from the Twitter conference, she held a school-wide assembly to talk about her Twitter achievements.

“I have to verify you principal Baker for all your contributions, on making your phenomenal Twitter platform, with super creative content,” a Twitter panel member said.

Baker really did not understand what being verified meant, but luckily the young students explained it to her. Now she is well known amongst the Twitter community and other principals in the county.

“I am envious of those Wildcats who are being recognized county wide and not my hard-working Barons,” BCC principal Shelton Mooney said.

All of the local principals who have a Twitter cannot stop talking about the small blue check next to @WJPrincipal’s Twitter handle.