Mission BBQ restaurant review

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November 20, 2017

Walking into this fine establishment, we were greeted by a flurry of rich barbecue smells. Not knowing exactly what to do first, whether to sit down and wait for a server or to order at the front, we made our way towards the overarching menu. On the way to the cashiers, we passed an old-fashioned cooler, filled with unique drinks, including a peculiar blue drink that Andrew decided to try (because he thought it looked like windshield washer fluid). The menu consisted of a variety of meat options with an assortment of sides, as well as salads for those who prefer to not eat meat.

After being met by a smiling employee, Andrew ordered the moist brisket sandwich with a side of cheesy potatoes, while Lily ordered the pulled pork sandwich, along with a side of mac and cheese. Our food was prepared relatively quickly, taking about five minutes, and we sat ourselves down at one of the rustic wood tables under an array of photos and artifacts commemorating first responders and military service members. Each table was accompanied by a variety of sauces and a vinegar topping, as well as a roll of paper towels for those who get messy with their barbecue. We were frequently met by an eager staff member asking if we needed help with anything throughout the duration of our meal.

The restaurant had an almost sports bar atmosphere with a multitude of flat screens turned to sports channels and the casual attire of customers. Mission Barbecue has restaurants in 11 states across the country, all focused on serving those who serve on our behalf. Each restaurant has a refurbished military truck parked outside, as well as a majestic American flag, billowing on a large flagpole in the parking lot.

Overall, the restaurant provided relatively cheap BBQ, with meals ranging between $7-9. The delicious food is difficult to match at any other barbecue chain in the country.


Rating: 9.5/10