Super Bowl preview


Brady looks down the field to throw a pass. The Patriots pulled off a miraculous win in last year’s Super Bowl, as they came back from a 28-3 deficit.

Bradford Clarkson, Sports Editor

An uncharacteristic sense of fear and awe fell over Philadelphia fans as their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, fell to the turf holding his knee, grimacing, in their game against the Los Angeles Rams back in December. No one knew if their back up, Nick Foles, would be able to fill the big shoes that Wentz had left. And when it became official that Wentz had torn his ACL and would be out for the rest of the season, there was serious doubt about what the fate of the Eagles would be. They were on pace to win the NFC east and make a serious run in the playoffs, and now their ability to win a Super Bowl was a topic of serious speculation.

However, Foles stepped up to the plate, and now has the opportunity to bring a Super Bowl championship back to Philadelphia. Die hard Eagles fan and Philadelphia native Santiago Van Ness Martinez, a senior at WJ, is very excited at the prospect of his team becoming Super Bowl champions and is confident of the Eagles’ ability to do so.

“I think Nick Foles can beat the Patriots and outplay Tom Brady. Foles just had a 325+ yard passing game against the Vikings and another terrific game against the Falcons. The Eagles also have the best run stop defensive line in the league and two amazing running backs in Lagarette Blount and Jay Ajayi,” Martinez said, “The city is buzzing with energy knowing at the thought of bringing the trophy back to Philly.”

However the Eagles have quite a challenge ahead of them in Brady and the Patriots. Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have shown how consistent their dominance can be. In their most recent game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they managed to come back from a 10 point deficit just in the fourth quarter, and Brady put on a show despite his recent hand injury. New England is currently a six point favorite to win the super bowl. NFL fan and varsity football player, senior Connor Phelps, agrees.

“Brady is a first ballot hall of famer and has way more playoff experience than Nick Foles or anyone on the Eagles. I think the Eagles are a very good team, and deserve to be in the Super Bowl, however I do not think they have what it takes to beat the Patriots. At the end of the day Brady and Belichick have won five Super Bowls together. They know how to get the job done and after watching their most recent performance against the Jaguars, I believe they are poised to win it all again,” Phelps said.

Opinions differ around the school and around the country on what the outcome of Super Bowl LII will be. However, it appears that these teams have the talent and skill to make this a Super Bowl to remember.