Glo performer profile: Jacob Daley


Sophie Becker

WJ’s highly anticipated event, Glo, has some major upgrades this year. Leadership has worked countless hours to make this year’s dance more fun than any year before. Glo is a dance, much more casual than Homecoming, that helps raise money for Pennies for Patients. Glo is the biggest and most favored event among the student body in the P4P month and brings in a lot of donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This year, instead of having one DJ or a couple student DJ’s, Glo is stepping it up a notch and having some live performances, including WJ’s very own SoundCloud phenomenon junior Jacob Daley.

I have a setlist, but we’re [going to] feel out the room so it could change [what] I’m performing. I’m doing a couple new songs I’m really excited about! But I also wanna play songs people know and can sing along to,” Daley said.

Daley is excited to perform for his school, but this isn’t his first time he is taking to the stage to show off his music. Daley, alongside music producer and junior Ethan Andrade and their friend Robert Alvare have had many events to showcase their music. Daley and Andrade are part of a local, student-made record label called 301.

“Ethan’s [going to] be DJ-ing with me, but I may have some tricks up my sleeve,” Daley said.

To say people are excited for these two to perform would be an understatement. Students have been buzzing about this performance since early January when rumors circulated about Daley performing at Glo.

“I can’t wait for Jacob to perform at Glo!” sophomore Holly Darby said.

Daley came out with an album in 2016 titled “Forever Blue,” featuring fan favorite song “EARLY.” Daley and Andrade held a smaller concert event after the release of his EP, “Emmanuel,” which got much praise from WJ students and other kids all over Montgomery County. Daley knew after that performance that he wanted to continue to have shows for all of his friends.  

“Jacob is such a cool kid and seeing him perform at Glo will be so fun,” junior Ella Cohn said.

Look out for more music from Daley on his new album “The One Thousand Dollar Sweater” coming out February 22.