Student artists deserve equal recognition to student athletes


Students from all grades show school spirit at the fall pep rally. Photo by Jack Linde.

Allie Nadelman, A&E Editor

Walter Johnson High School is known for being a school with a diverse student body. There are students with different passions that range from music and math to sports. This school offers a club, team or class for pretty much everything that a student could desire. With sports teams, the athletes get rewarded by showing the student body their team spirit during pep rallies. But what about chorus, band or orchestra? They work extremely hard every single day throughout the year to create beautiful music. Why aren’t we also taking time out of the school day for the arts?

Pep rallies can be meaningful experiences that help bring the school together, but concerts are just as capable of doing that. These students deserve to show off their talents and hard work.
While there are concerts for these classes at night, they aren’t advertised in school. Most of the musicians’ peers aren’t aware that they are even happening. Although there is sure to be some way to promote the concerts, they don’t get any uninterrupted time to share when they will be performing as athletes do.

There isn’t anything wrong with pep rallies, but the fact that sports get time to show off their hard work and the arts discounts the artists, and the arts themselves.
High school should encourage all different interests as equally important. If sports get to show the school their talent, the arts should as well. Pep rallies show how fun these sports can be and inspire others to try out these sports. Music classes should have that chance as well.