Spanish Honors Society enhances WJ’s palette


Sam Falb, Senior News Editor

Spanish Honors Society (SHS) students darted through the halls last Wednesday during fourth period, delivering carefully crafted lunches to teachers across the school. Students met in the student commons during lunch to pick up their own plates of food. These events compose the SHS’s yearly fundraiser: La Cantina.

The La Cantina benefit is held once annually, typically during the spring, with $7.00 meals available for ordering a few weeks prior to their distribution. Orders are placed at El Patio, an Argentinian restaurant in Rockville, who prepares the colorful plates that could be seen across the school.

Meals include several components. The main course this year were hand-friendly empanadas, a dish of red meat, chicken, or spinach that can be baked or fried inside of a tortilla. Next, diners had the opportunity to try a side dish of arros primavera, rice with vegetables and spices and typically colored bright yellow. Finally, the traditional Argentinian cookie, alfajores, were served. These miniature treats are composed of shortbread cookies with dulce de leche (a caramel cream) in between, and coconut shavings rolled on the outside of the cookies.

“The reception has been consistently positive. Sales have increased over the years and we’ve received positive feedback from both students and teachers. We can’t wait to continue the fundraiser in coming years” senior and SHS president Mira Stone said.

This year alone, about one hundred twenty-five orders were placed with the club, with a profit yield just over $200. The funds collected from this event will provide for graduation cords for society members, the group’s induction ceremony, and any additional costs that new activities may demand in the coming school years.

“I hope that the students that are organizing the fundraiser get some experience in budgeting, managing money and doing sales and I hope that everybody comes together to learn about a culture they might not be used to,” club sponsor Lori Spak said.