Baked Bear steals hearts, stomachs


Baked Bear creates homemade ice cream sandwiches that are artsy and delicious. Baked Bear is now open in Pike & Rose! Photo courtesy of Sarah Epstein.

Sarah Epstein

The new, exciting Baked Bear ice cream shop has ice cream lovers going crazy. The line regularly wraps around the entire store and the wait has been reported to be up to 45 minutes, but crowds still won’t budge.

The shop opened on May 19 in Pike and Rose on Rockville Pike. Customers are claiming that it is more unique than any Baskin Robbins, Carmen’s, or Sweet Frog in town. Servers put the various flavors of ice cream into a combination dessert filled with toppings and sandwiched between warm cookies. Sandwiches can also be made with donuts or brownies. Freshman Brian Epstein loves the new summer ice cream shop and can’t wait to go there more during this summer.

“The flavors and cookies are really tasty,” Epstein said.

Some may say that, although the sandwiches have a great taste, they are very messy and fall apart before you can enjoy them. Junior Lindsey Rothenstein had a mediocre experience when she attended her first time.

“The line was too long and the bottom of my sandwich was very soggy and gross because of the ice cream,” Rothenstein said.   

Baked Bear offers gluten free, dairy free and vegan ice cream as well. Junior Karina Lee just started working at the Baked Bear and loves all of the variety they have.

“I’m excited to make people smile when they get their ice cream and make cool artsy sandwiches,” Lee said.