New football league materializes, set for spring 2020 debut

Alan Gahart

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The XFL attempts to reboot behind entrepreneur Vince McMahon. The first go around is considered a failure by most.

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The XFL attempts to reboot behind entrepreneur Vince McMahon. The first go around is considered a failure by most.

More football is coming to America. The Xtreme Football League (XFL) is being revitalized and is set to debut in spring 2020. Behind the ownership of Vince McMahon, the XFL hopes to last more than one season in its return. In its inaugural season in 2001, the XFL lasted one season and went about as poorly as it could have. The Xtreme Football League is a league that plays in the offseason of the NFL season which looks to capitalize on Americans’ desire to watch football.

In its inaugural season, just about zilch went right. First, a blimp advertising a game in Oakland, California crashed into a seafood restaurant. This would serve as an omen for the rest of the league. Prior to games, instead of having a coin toss like in college football or the NFL, they had two players line up on their own 35 yard lines. The ball was placed at the 50 yard line and whoever got the ball first won the coin toss. This seems like a good way to get more action in the game. Unfortunately, 60% of the players who participated in the “coin toss” suffered serious injuries, like a torn ligament, a broken arm/leg, or a bad head injury. The majority of people generally don’t have a lot of taste for rough injuries like that, which contributed to the downfall of the league.

Another contributor to the downfall of the league was the lack of viewership after the first game. The first game was on NBC and was deemed a clown show by many in the country. People thought it was more of a WWE style show than it was football. People were also speculating that the cheerleaders for the league were promoting sex on the field, which many viewers disagree with. The XFL somehow was able to get through the entire first season before getting shut down.

This year the XFL might have a chance to make a league that will last. With two years to prepare as opposed to one the first time, the XFL has had more time to prepare and organize the draft and the logistics involved in the league.

“I think it will work this time around. The league had more time to prepare and every American could use more football,” junior Evan Calhoun said.

The optimism surrounding the league this year is very apparent throughout the country. The DC Defenders will be building around former national champion Quarterback Cardale Jones from The Ohio State University. The large contingent of The Ohio State alumni in the DMV are already starting to back the team who will play home games at Audi Field, where D.C. United plays.

The Defenders look to have options for everyone during games. Season tickets can be bought for $100 including a field pass for one home game. Many students at WJ are excited for the league.
“I’m ecstatic about having a league to bridge the gap between NFL seasons,” sophomore Erik Rees said.
He is not alone.
“I’m really excited for the season. It’s good to have another season of football here in DC,” senior Jack Danco said.
Some students would be interested in buying season tickets, as they are much more affordable than NFL games. The XFL will be looking to capitalize on America’s love for football and have a successful tenure as a secondary league to the NFL.