Stand Up to Hate Walkout Photo Gallery

Members of WJ Chorus hold up signs while singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during the Stand Up to Hate walkout.

WJ held a Stand Up to Hate Walkout on Oct. 15 during third period. The rally was in response to a collection of hate speech that was written in spray paint on WJ property and around the community. It was organized by a group of student leaders from clubs including Black Student Union, Minority Scholars Program, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Immigration Advocacy Club and Uplift WJ in order to make it clear that WJ will not stand for hateful acts committed at the school or in the broader community. 

“I think [the event] went well! I’m happy so many students showed up. It showed how loud students’ voices can be,” Gender and Sexuality Alliance President Felix Bellotti said.  

The event was organized in coordination with administrators including Principal Jennifer Baker but it was really student advocates who took the lead. 

“I’m so proud of our students because they took this act of hate and turned it into a unifying event for our school and community…I have a vision [for WJ] and this was my vision. It’s the silver lining in all of this awful hate…Hopefully people will know I care,” Baker said.