How students celebrate Valentines Day

We are quickly approaching the holiday filled with love, chocolates and hearts. Some anticipate this holiday to spend with their significant other while others dread the day because they have no one to spend it with.

Students plan on spending Valentine’s Day differently. Those with significant others are spending their day appreciating each other. Some common gestures include dates, gifts like chocolates or flowers and quality time. Others plan to spend their day with friends or treat it like any other day.

“My boyfriend and I are going to make some popcorn and watch a movie this Valentine’s Day,” senior Mallory Liffman said.

Another popular gathering on Valentine’s Day for those without a significant other is spending time with friends. Get-togethers like this have even coined names like “Galentines,” a time to spend with friends and enjoy their company.

Spending time with friends can take the pressure off having a significant other and instead relax and laugh with the company of good friends with some chocolates or candies to embrace the holiday.

“On this Valentine’s Day, I am spending it with my friends making heart-shaped pizzas,” sophomore Maddie Elgin said.

While Valentine’s can be exciting for those anxious to spend it with friends or significant others, others may not enjoy the day because it reminds them of their singleness.

A tradition that is remembered and cherished from elementary school days are the Valentine’s parties and treats traded around the classroom. As soon as students embark on middle school, the classwide Valentine’s festivities are discontinued.

“I miss my elementary school Valentine’s parties, they are some of my favorite memories from elementary school and I loved the Valentine’s candies,” senior Anjali Bhargava said.

While plenty of students have strong opinions about the day, many remain indifferent about the holiday and see it as just another day.

“I don’t personally care for Valentine’s Day but I think it’s a nice way for couples to do something together and have a holiday dedicated to them,” junior Anna Zucconi said.

Special Valentine’s candies are also a peak of the holiday for most. Popular ones include sweetarts, heart shaped chocolate and the iconic candy hearts with cute messages to give to friends and family.

The day is less than two weeks away and students are preparing for the holiday however they choose.