The rivalry that just started already has serious consequences


Brynn Blizzard, Opinion Editor

If you ask a random Churchill student who their school rival is, they will be quick to declare Wootton as their historic rival. If you ask a random Walter Johnson student who their school rival is, they will say Churchill. But does the Churchill and WJ rivalry really exist, or are we just making it up for our own entertainment and excitement purposes?

Within the past 10 years, Walter Johnson students have intentionally pissed off Churchill students in hopes of beginning a rivalry. It was not until this year that Churchill students targeted WJ before WJ students had the opportunity to target Churchill. A couple weeks ago, Churchill students vandalized WJ property by spray painting offensive phrases around our sports facility. WJ students swiftly retaliated. Now that the rivalry isn’t only one sided, it is fair to call the beef between the two schools an official rivalry.

Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Derek Turner said that the overnight spray-painting incidents started in late January and have defaced plaques and scoreboards at the sports facilities. The repair costs for damage to both schools ended up being thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The rivalry that seems to have just started has already gone too far and for no good reason. The point of the vandalism was to show power over the other school, but honestly spray painting “WJ sips GB’s” on our concession stand does not offend us whatsoever. And WJ ruining a memorial plaque on Churchill’s campus is just straight up disrespectful.

The vandalism was pointless and did not prove anything to anyone. Rivalries between high schools can be fun to get involved with, but not if it causes many extreme consequences. Screaming chants at sporting events or wearing your school’s gear is far more effective in showing support for your school than committing an unnecessary crime.