Batman and the best actors that played him


Photo courtesy of Fickr

The Batman’s mask has been worn by many famous actors and the debate of who was the best has been very controversial. After the newest Batman movie, “The Batman”, was released, many people’s top three lists have changed.

The infamous DC Comics hero Batman has been played by many actors, and the debate as to which Batman is best has recently sparked up again after the release of “The Batman.” Whether they include the voice actors on shows such as “Young Justice” or the actors in the live-action Batman films, the top three lists have been very controversial. So, here are my top three live-action Batman actors, from worst to best.

3. Ben Affleck (“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” [2016] “Suicide Squad” [2016], “Justice League,” [2017] and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” [2021])

Younger DC fans are more familiar with one of the most recent actors for Batman, Ben Affleck. To be honest, I only placed him on this list because he physically looks like Batman as he was portrayed in the comics. His cleft chin and hair more accurately embody the billionaire philanthropist persona, and Affleck is close to achieving both. Batman was trained by Ra’s Al Ghul himself in swordsmanship and various fighting forms. In the comics, Batman has taken on 105 League of Assassin members, and he’s against using any sort of gun, but Affleck’s performance of Batman contradicts this depiction. In many scenes of the original “Justice League” (2017), he’s seen shooting a laser gun and being rocked by Parademons, which he should be able to handle.

2. Adam West (“Batman” [TV series, 1966-1968] and “Batman” [movie, 1966])

The 1960s “Batman” series was undoubtedly a comedy. It was the first comedy series to air on television without a laugh track, and it offered a lighthearted take on the dark vigilante. Adam West played a straight, serious Batman who rarely cracked a smile or a joke, but the contrast the goofy villains offered was the reason it worked so well. While other Batmans have been portrayed as vengeful characters, West’s take showed that Batman continued because he wanted to keep the world safe. The Batman in this TV series was the most family friendly Batman to ever appear on the screen: the villains and adventures alike were fun. Adam West produced an untraditional Batman which wasn’t too goofy but not too dark. It was a perfect balance, which I can appreciate.

1. Christian Bale (“Batman Begins” [2005], “The Dark Knight” [2008] and “The Dark Knight Rises” [2012])

The Dark Knight trilogy are some of the best movies to come out of the DC Cinematic Universe, no doubt because of Christian Bale’s performance. Bale was able to capture both the billionaire philanthropist persona and the caped crusader exceptionally well. His charisma and his athletic capability were the perfect combinations for a successful franchise. His relationships with Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and Selina Kyle were so in character that you’d forget it was a movie. After “Batman and Robin” (1997) tanked in cinema, the public was skeptical about another Batman, but Bale’s depiction was the best way to revive the franchise. His version of Bruce Wayne shows an emotional vulnerability that is often forgotten in other live action movies. Bale shows the real reason Wayne is Batman: not for vengeance and not out of anger, but for hope and justice.

Robert Pattinson didn’t make it on my list simply because the new Batman was incredibly dark. While it is a new take on this character, and it was done incredibly well, I would put him in fourth place.