Fall Fun with Danielle and Zack

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Fall Fun with Danielle and Zack

Danielle Sklarew & Zack Shapiro, Staff Writer & Online Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Fall is the season with awesome food, clothes, holidays and activities. And guess what? Fall is here! In preparation for the superior season, The Pitch Online writers Danielle Sklarew and Zack Shapiro made a list of the best of fall things to do to fall into fall!


Watch out because the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming! The Starbucks lines will be especially long this time a year, but besides that treat, there are some foods that are quintessential to the season.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice, PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! If you’re looking for a delicious fall snack, head over to Great Harvest to purchase a loaf pumpkin chocolate chip bread. You’ll LOAF it! Or, if you’re looking for something a little more obscure, try salted pumpkin seeds. Try cooking them in the oven on a baking sheet. As Dora the Explorer would say, “Delicioso!”

Danielle’s Pro Tip: Go to Bath and Body Works and get pumpkin scented everything! It’ll keep you smelling like fall all year round– there’s nothing better than that!

Potatoes: Some like them mashed. Some like them baked. Almost everyone likes them in fry form. Potatoes are iconic to the fall. Whether you’re eating them at the Thanksgiving Table or munching on sweet potato fries at Silver Diner, they never get old. Try experimenting with potatoes this season, maybe get in some specially shipped from Idaho just so you can cook something up!

Danielle’s Pro Tip: Don’t try to bite into a potato without cooking it first. I promise it tastes better cooked.

Turkey: Did you know that 45 million turkeys are served on Thanksgiving? Us Americans sure do love this bird! Usually served with gravy, turkey is the ultimate fall meal. Although you might be eating turkey leftovers for weeks after Thanksgiving (especially if your family was on a diet this year), it’s truly hard to get sick of turkey.

Danielle’s Pro Tip: Make sure you ask for the turkey leg so you can use it as a faux-microphone at the dinner table!

Student Snapshots:

“My favorite fall foods are pumpkin muffins and apple pie” –Sophomore Maggie Hickey

“I don’t really like pumpkin pie but I love candy corn if that counts as a food.” –Senior Cassie Hill

“My favorite fall vegetable is a sweet potato” — Senior Zoe Sadugor



There’s nothing we love more than fall holidays. Or should we say fallidays?!? This fall, get ready to trick or treat on Halloween and feast on Thanksgiving!

Halloween: Halloween is THE holiday. What other day can you knock on strangers doors and get free candy? This holiday lets the creative mind flourish as people can dress up as just about anything. And dressing up for Halloween isn’t just for your little brother or sister, even you old high schoolers can dress up this year! There are plenty of places to get costumes, such as Party City or the Halloween store in Montgomery Mall, although it’s always best to pull out your handy sewing machine to make your fresh costume from scratch.

Danielle’s Pro Tip: Start trick or treating at 3pm for optimal candy opportunities. Also, if you see a take one bowl, take as many you can fit into your bag and run!

Thanksgiving: Picture this. In less than two months, you will be chomping on a succulent turkey breast and stuffing mashed potatoes in your mouth. Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family, to reunite with that slightly obnoxious cousin you haven’t seen since last year, and maybe to catch a few NFL football games! Make sure you take in every minute of this festive falliday.

Danielle’s Pro Tip: Hide the pumpkin pie before dinner so once you finish the dinner portion, you can hide in the bathroom and eat the whole pie by yourself!

Student Snapshots:

“Last year I dressed up as Tony the Tiger for Halloween. It was so much fun being cereal box characters with my friends.” –Senior Lainie Jaffe

“Thanksgiving [is my favorite holiday] because I eat so much!” — Senior Cassie Hill

“I love getting candy for really cheap right after Halloween.” — Senior Christian Martinez



If you like fun and you like activities, fall is the season for you! As the leaves turn colorful and the air grows crisp, there is no better time to get outdoors and have some fun! From small fun activities you can do on your front lawn, to awesome road trips that end in the middle of nowhere, you will never be bored in the year’s best season as long as you have this handy guide.

Apple Picking: This is one of my absolute favorite fall activities! Grab some friends, pile into a car and drive up to Butler’s Orchard or Homestead Farms for some good ol’ fall fun. Make sure you try as many different types of apples as possible and always check for worms before you take a bite.

Zack’s Pro Tip: They don’t charge you for the apples you eat before you check out, so stuff your face!

Haunted Houses: Look down at your pants for a second. Are they covered in pee? If not, you need to go to a haunted house ASAP! Nothing gets your heart pumping like running through a sketchy forest trail followed by a demented clown. If you scare easily, check out the tamer attraction, Field of Screams. If you’re cool with fearing for your life, check out Markoff’s Haunted Forest or Bennett’s Curse for a more intense experience.

Zack’s Pro Tip: If you get scared, pretend you have a deadly disease and no actors will want to come near you! 

Student Snapshots:

“In the fall, I love to play field hockey when it’s not too hot, and I love going to bonfires or apple picking!” –Sophomore Maggie Hickey

“Oh how I just adore riding on a hayride; I feel like I’m on Santa’s sleigh!” –Senior Zoe Sadugor

“My favorite fall activity is easily picking pumpkins with friends.” — Senior Will Locher



Flannels: Flannels, flannels, flannels! Nothing says fall like a fresh new flannel. Wear them open for a casual look, or spice things up by buttoning up. As longs as you’re wearing a flannel, you can’t go wrong.

Zack’s Pro Tip: Try wearing a flannel every day of the week.

Sweaters: Flannels are great, but what happens when the weather gets a bit colder? Throw on a sweater of course! V-necks, crew necks, solid, or tri-blend, don’t be afraid to shake things up!

Zack’s Pro Tip: What’s better than one sweater? Two sweaters!

Student Snapshot:

“My favorite thing to wear in the fall is my football jersey, it helps the team bond and also spreads awareness about our team.” — Senior Will Locher

“My favorite fall outfit is a flannel and pants.” — Senior Scott Northup

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