Austin and Ally reboot

Molly Benson

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Rothman (left) and Mucchetti (right) pose together for their cover photo of the new season. Photo courtesy of Cara Demitz

Many students know the amazing 4 season musical show Austin and Ally starring Ross Lynch as Austin Moon and Laura Marano as Ally Dawson. This show was based on two people who spontaneously meet and have one simple interest in common: Music. With Austin’s outgoing and spunky personality, and Ally’s bashful and quirky personality, the two instantly hit it off as friends. The show also stars Raini Rodriguez as the sassy Trish and Calum Worthy as flamboyant Dez.

After the season finale on January 10, 2016, many viewers immediately fell into a state of depression as they realized the show was over. However, in 2019, the show of musical happiness and friendship is back and better than ever with junior Allie Rothman starring as Ally and junior Austin Mucchetti as Austin.

“I’m super ecstatic to be playing such an icon. In previous seasons, Ally had a crush on a guy named Dallas, and then later she started dating Austin, both of which are names of cities in Texas. This role was obviously made for me because my family is from Texas, so I think I will portray Ally very well,” Rothman stated.

As well as these characters, two more WJ students have decided to fulfill the roles as Trish and Dez. Senior Maya Drill has decided to take on the role as Trish, and junior Zach LaChapelle jumped right into the role of Dez.

“I am very excited to play Trish. She has been my role model since day one, and I am grateful to the casting directors who decided that I could live my dream to be on this show,” Drill said.

“To prepare, I decided that I’ll be wearing neon patterned pants to school. Method acting is the best form of acting,” LaChappelle said.

“I am beyond excited for this new season. Trish is my personal idol, and I honestly think she’ll be the main character this time. Her song ‘Living Your Dreams’ has amazing vocals that can easily outshine Ally’s, and I think Maya will be able to sing well since she’s in the school chorus,” junior Gillian Birdsong exclaimed.

Birdsong is not the only one to have total confidence in Trish’s character.

“Trish is a queen. There’s no doubt that her lyrics speak to me on a spiritual level, and she has a way better personality than Ally. The only thing interesting about her is that she like pickles,” Principal Jennifer Baker said passionately.

It’s easy to say that this new reboot of a television classic will knock the socks off of WJ students. This show is all about inspiring people to follow their dreams, which is exactly what influenced actor Mucchetti to start exploring the musical world.

“I only started singing because of Austin Moon and his beautiful vocals. Without this show, I never would have been able to be a star,” Mucchetti said.