Some Parents “Uber” Concerned About Kids Using Car Service

Brynn Blizzard and

Some parents are concerned about the car service Uber, because it has become popular among teenagers. Uber is a service that uses a smartphone application to connect vehicles to passengers so that they can be driven to their desired location. Customers use the app to request a ride and can then track the vehicle as it travels.

Although there have been numerous nationwide complaints written online by parents with negative opinions of Uber due to safety complaints, there are also many parents who think it is convenient.

“Before I let my daughter get inside of the Uber, I check the driver’s star rating,” said an anonymous parent of a WJ student, referring to a system Uber set up in which previous customers rate their drivers.

“The rating of a driver provides me reassurance that I am not sending my daughter off with a psychopath,” said the parent.

Parents are not only concerned about the safety of this potentially dangerous car service, but also worry about the price and how eventually this could be costing them big bucks. Uber is divided into two different categories: UberX and Black Car. UberX is normally a Honda or Toyota, while a Black Car tends to be a more expensive car that offers more elegance and tranquility. UberX advertises to cost less than a taxi service, while Black Car has higher rates, but provides a relaxed and comfy experience.

“The first time I got into the car I was scared [the driver] would kidnap me and kill me,” said sophomore Vita Matzkin. Matzkin said in order to avoid a dangerous encounter when using Uber, you must bring someone with you and carry pepper spray as well.

In Dec. of 2012, a teenage girl ordered an Uber to take her to her home in Washington, D.C. around 3:30 a.m. After she exited the car, the driver called her back and proceeded to rape the young women, according to an article on the Huffington Post website.

Sophomore Haley Rose said she is not going to stop using Uber, even though there are some risks.

“I think Uber is fine to use, just always be aware of the potential danger you are in,” Rose said.

Some students use Uber very minimally; once or twice a month. Other students use it every day as their ride to and from school. Other people use Uber as a back-up ride in case something goes wrong and do not have a ride. It is common for some teenagers to hire an Uber after a party if they do not have another safe alternative.

Regardless of whether or not people believe it is completely safe, Uber appears to be becoming more and more popular among young people, and is becoming a common option for teens trying to find a way home.